Look for us at- PIMA CROSSING
(next to Culvers, PGA Golf Store and Stein Mart)
8740 E. Shea Blvd Scottsdale, AZ 85260
NW Corner of the 101 & Shea Blvd
FALL HOURS 8:00AM – 1:00PM 



Each year for a farmer to certify his farm as organic is very expensive which may or may not be realistic, for farmers and families alike. We support organic. We also support the small farmers, unable to pay for the certification, who alternatively grow their produce using organic practices.

We believe organic is good, but clean is better. Clean is organic, it’s also pesticide free, grown with organic practices, humanely raised, wild caught, and made with love. It’s local too. We offer these clean food selections from farms in Arizona.

When you arrive in our food community, you will find both small and large produce tents. We urge you to shop both, to support both. There are many tiny farmers throughout our state, most of which cannot grow enough to feed our entire community. These smaller farmers will bring exactly what they grow simply under smaller tents. Other farmers support their neighboring farms (who may not have the means to sell at markets) and offer produce on their behalf, under larger tents. Big or small, all our farmers practice simple connectedness, going beyond organic, to serve our community, to serve you. Shopping here will directly support these folks, balancing the never ending flow of giving and receiving.